About GuaranTeeth

At GuaranTeeth, we bring self-confidence back to smiles and truly love making people feel there best. Our customers love the atmosphere, service, and professional results GuaranTeeth provides. Because we are Certified in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, our whitening technicians use up-to-date practices and industry standard tools. We offer 30, 60, and 90 minute Teeth Whitening Services. With our knowledgeable staff, you can sit back and relax during your session while our whitening technology brightens your smile!

We recognize that smile is important, and we strive to bring a smile to all of our clients at the end of the day. We look to bring our customers the feeling of confidence that comes with having a clean, white set of teeth! We are open by appointment only – call today to set up an appointment!



How long do results last?

Results last up to 6 months after the first session, we recommend a second session around the 4-month mark to lift even more surface stains.

What session do you recommend?

Our most popular session is our 60-minute session, It is great for coffee stains, tea stains, soda stains, and everyday staining habits. Regardless of how many years you’ve accumulated stains, we’re here to help lift those immediately!

Are our products safe to use?

Our 16% hydrogen peroxide is FDA-approved and safe for the enamel.

Are these results instant?

Yes! In as little as 30 minutes you will see IMMEDIATE results, depending on how long the duration is under our blue LED lights that will determine the amount of shades your teeth will become whiter.

How does it work?

Our blue LED light activates our 16% hydrogen peroxide, which then lifts the surface stains on your teeth to unveil a brighter, more confident smile!